Book of the Week: Lammas Night.

Katharine Kurtz’s Lammas Night is what you get when a talented writer decides to combine World War II, modern occultism, and an uncritical willingness to take The Golden Bough more seriously than it deserves.  Well worth reading if you like that kind of literary blending.  Which I, of course, do.

I’m going to have to update the sidebar later.  This Chromebook gets less responsive every year.

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  • Luke says:

    To be fair, the Golden Bough is worth taking more seriously than nearly all the related theosophy, new age, and neo-pagan works that came after it.
    Which I admit, isn’t a huge compliment. But much of the thing is better-than-average sociology…
    And I’m back to damning with faint praise again.
    How about, it’s one of the best general treatises on taboo in primitive cultures, but his attempts to extrapolate beyond that are questionable at best?
    This is hard.
    The first half is worth reading?
    Sod it. I award you the point.

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