Mejnowoita [100pt] [GURPS 4e].

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Mejnowoita [100pt]


Well, that’s what the artifact (which looks pretty much like what it is: an elk mask, carved from an elk skull) calls itself, anyway. Maybe. Probably.  None of the superheroes who have worn it in the past can speak whatever language it is that Mejnowoita speaks, although they all quickly learned that Stawo! meant ‘Stop!’ and Eimi! meant ‘Go!’  The artifact isn’t much of a conversationalist otherwise.

But what it is good at is giving its wearer a set of abilities that would be highly helpful in the hunt, which means that they’re also good for doing street-level superhero work in urban areas.  The mask admittedly looks vaguely odd, but that’s no real hardship in the metahuman world. Besides, Mejnowoita is itself rather pleasant to be around. You can’t really talk to it, unless you know its language, but it will occasionally incomprehensibly ‘talk’ at you, generally seems to enjoy being worn and doing adventurous sorts of things, and likes to ‘sing’ this one catchy tune that goes well with being a masked avenger in the night.


Last note: Mejnowoita is not cursed, unlucky, secretly malevolent, or even possessed of a particularly rich internal life.  It’s an esoterically-charged artifact that can let an unskilled neophyte blunder around in the woods fairly easily, and turn a trained scout into a terror that lurks in the shadows. The three superheroes who wore Mejnowoita all had fairly interesting, yet somewhat prosaic careers until they retired: whether or not the next one will do the same will depend largely on how much that superhero knows about the Proto Indo-European language.  And if the anthropologists ever realize just how old Mejnowoita is, they are going to absolutely flip.


Mejnowoita (all advantages have the Can Be Stolen [-10%] and Super Power [-10%] modifiers on them): Per +4 [16], Absolute Direction [4], Brachiator [4], Catfall [8], Chameleon 1 [4], Clinging [16], Danger Sense [12], Fit [4],  Infravision [8], Perfect Balance [12], Silence 2 [8], Ultrahearing [4].  Mejnowoita is more or less indestructible itself, but it can be yanked off the wearer. It’s unclear whether the ‘spirit’ inside is truly self-aware, or just an artifact of whatever spell or shamanism created it.


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