In Nomine: Lucius Matinius Corvus.

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Lucius Matinius Corvus

Potential Soldier of God


Corporeal Forces: 2 Strength: 4 Agility: 4

Ethereal Forces: 2 Intelligence: 4 Precision: 4

Celestial Forces: 2 Will: 5 Perception: 3

Status/3 (bureaucrat)


Area Knowledge (Home City/3), Knowledge (Local Laws/3, Christian Theology/2), Language (Aramaic/2, Greek/2, Latin/3), Running/1, Small Weapon/1, Swimming/1


Advantages: Blessed

Lucius Matinius Corvus is a minor Imperial Roman bureaucrat in the campaign’s home city, circa 190 AD.  Currently a childless widower in his early thirties, Lucius has been slow to remarry; he is generally well-liked by his peers and appears to be a decent, upstanding fellow.  And he absolutely would be, except for the minor detail that Lucius is a secret Christian.


That is more complicated and less dangerous than it sounds. Persecution of Christians in the Second Century AD was sporadic, and under the current Emperor Commodus Christians are fairly safe, as long as they keep their mouths shut, their heads down, and their hands out of the many plots — both real, and imagined — that seem to bubble around Commodus like boiling pitch.  Lucius is in much more danger for being essentially incorruptible; he is a virtuous man in a wicked and paranoid era, and that often does not end well.


However, Lucius is also a natural 6 Force human with the Blessed advantage, which means that he would make for an excellent Soldier of God — assuming that an angel finds him.  That’s also more complicated than it sounds.  The conversion of Laurence, Archangel of the Sword to Christianity is still two centuries in the future; in fact, at the moment Laurence is simply a regular Servitor of Purity having adventures with his similarly footloose companion Khalid (who is himself merely the Angel of Faith). It is entirely possible that one or the other of those two angels might run across Lucius; and if they did, either or both would happily recruit him. But it’s by no means assured.


Absent Divine intervention, Lucius will probably die during the Year of the Five Emperors.  He’s a remarkably stubborn man (most people with the Blessed advantage are), and will not passively tolerate atrocities done in his presence.  And, given that his faith is absolutely rock-solid, Lucius will also not worry overmuch about whether he’s ‘risking’ getting the martyr’s crown.  Christ and Heaven awaits him, after all.


This character was generated using the rules in the Corporeal Players Guide, and is a balanced starting character.

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