Bombogenesis Grenades [TL6+2] [GURPS 4e].

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Bombogenesis Grenades [TL6+2]


Ironically, this project got greenlit largely because of the name. It’s ironic because what’s not to like about grenades that create miniature cyclones? And ‘miniature,’ in this case, means ‘about the size of a living room.’ Bombogenesis Grenades are cutting-edge Mad Science; they work via taking quantum mechanics, getting all the details wrong, and making up for it via the use of a sufficiently powerful energy discharge.  As usual.

Mechanically, a Bombogenesis Grenade acts much like a successful casting of Windstorm (GURPS Magic, pg. 25) with an 8 yard radius and the ‘tornado’ option. However, the storm is not magical, the effect cannot be maintained (the Grenade thus has a duration of one minute), there is no ‘eye’ of safety, and the storm does not move.  It does, however, have the ability to pick up anything lighter than 240 lbs and fling those objects — or people — through the air.  The Grenade technically does not do direct damage, but physical contact with a tornado is never safe.


Bombogenesis Grenades are meant for inside work; they’re fairly easy to dodge and avoid in the open. Outside of their effect radius, the winds quickly die down to no worse than a stiff breeze.  But if thrown into an enclosed space, a Bombogenesis Grenade can quickly incapacitate or even kill anyone who can’t flee. This makes them useful for special forces, assuming that they can afford the price.  Turns out breaking the laws of quantum physics isn’t exactly cheap.


Legality Class: 0. And if you have to ask, you’re not cleared to have one.


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