Welp, Bethesda’s doing SOMETHING in Austin.

Nobody’s really sure, but then nobody ever really knows what Bethesda does until it does it:

According to a press release from Bethesda, the publisher and developer has expressed its desire to expand “development capacity for future titles” by including Austin, Texas’ BattleCry Studios as a part of the company. As stated by Bethesda Game Studios’ Game Director and Executive Producer, Todd Howard, “As the vision, scale and ambitions for our games continue to grow, so does Bethesda Game Studios. We’ve had the pleasure to know the talented developers at BattleCry and knew we could do great things together.”

BattleCry was working on a multiplayer game (also called BattleCry), until they… weren’t. Then they did multiplayer work with Doom.  Now they’re part of Bethesda Game Studios, which means — anything, really. New IP. Elder Scroll’s Arena revisited.  A Fallout MMO.  Nothing at all, really.  Dagnabbit, Bethesda, put out some more games.  Bioware’s dead to me now and CD Projekt Red’s still — hold on.

[checking really quickly]

No, they’re still saying nothing about Cyberpunk 2077.  Crud, crud, crud.


  • Luke says:

    Bethesda already owns Arkane Studios in Austin. (Dishonored, Prey)
    I’m not aware of even a rumor about what that division is currently up to (other than adjusting to a new executive). But I’m pretty sure they’ve wrapped up all DLC work on Dishonored 2, and that there won’t be any for Prey.
    Too bad game journalists are more interested in insulting gamers than trying to find out what’s going on, because this has got to be a juicy story.

    • RangerSG says:

      Well Bethesda has been saying for a year it had two major projects in-line before ES VI. If one is Starfield, it may be this is #2.

  • Luke says:

    After digging a bit, I found that Arkane had been soliciting applications for an employee to run “games as on-line service” several months back.
    Since Arkane has been traditional single-player, and BattleCry has been pretty much exclusively online multiplayer–with an emphasis on PvP, there’s an obvious tie-in.
    But when it comes to anything solid, or even anonymous leaks, I’ve got bupkis.
    I don’t suppose you still have friends down at SJ Games?
    Austin is a small pond, fandoms overlap, and friendship is the most corrupting influence known to man…
    (Obviously, if you find something out via that route, don’t post it. But share the rumor with me!)

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