In the Mail: Sun Spots.

Sun Spots was a Call of Cthulhu RPG supplement from Kickstarter.

I love the modern era. It’s absolutely never been easier to do one-off publishing like this. It’s not even the money; it’s the satisfaction of being able to get or make the book you want. The first Renaissance printers must have felt like this, only now everybody can do it.

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  • junior says:

    Not in the mail, but tabletop game related…

    Thought you might be interested to hear about two upcoming “Kaiju and giant robots” miniatures games that are due for release later this year.

    First is a rerelease of MonsterPocalypse. Privateer Press put out a bit of information about the game late last week. The original game was sold as a collectible booster box-style pre-painted miniatures game. The new one is doing away with that. The original six groups from Season One will be back, but divided into two distinct teams. The new figures will be bigger than the old ones (because, that’s why; also possibly because larger figures allow more detail). Not much information is out yet, and people suspect it’s because Privateer Press wanted to let people know before…

    The second is that there is currently a Pacific Rim miniatures game on Kickstarter right now. It went live on the 12th. It’s supposed to ship in November (assuming it doesn’t slip, which happens frequently with Kickstarter products), and will include kaiju and jaegers that are between 75mm-110mm. The game will have add-ons featuring miniatures from both movies.

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