The Threads-the-Trench The Last Jedi Honest Trailer.

Not bad.

I was wondering how they could present a balanced look at the movie — The Last Jedi* is deeply polarizing, to the point where at least half of my readers think that I’ve made a mistake in liking it — but I think that Honest Trailers managed it. At least, I thought that they managed it. Your mileage may vary, but they certainly gave it an honest shot.

Moe Lane

*Link is to The Little Golden Book edition, because Disney Does Not Miss A Trick when it comes to merchandising.

One thought on “The Threads-the-Trench The Last Jedi Honest Trailer.”

  1. It was okay, but there was just too much going on that never really gelled into a cohesive plot for me. Like I said in another post, inside of this 150 minute movie, there’s a 110 minute movie longing to get out.


    Check out this video on how the original Star Wars was saved by editing. Makes me wonder what a good editor could do with Last Jedi.


    This is unfortunately the kind of thing that happens all the time. An author, an artist (or a movie franchise and the people attached to it) get so popular and successful that nobody can tell them “this sucks, go away and don’t come back until it’s better”.

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