Because God forbid that Dizzy City just have high-wind thunderstorms like everybody else.  No, people have to give it a special name and everything, presumably to excuse why the power will go out for two days when the derecho hits.  The rest of the country manages to handle this stuff, when it happens; but I swear, rain comes down, DC metro area goes insane.

So, if you don’t hear from me, the derecho got me.  Which is to say, I’ll be rolling my eyes and waiting for them to turn the power back on.  And watching with some amusement as the county school system tries to figure out how to squeeze another day off school out of the schedule*. It’s great fun!

Moe Lane

*Do I have Views on this? I do, I do!  I have so many Views on this…


  • 1_rick says:

    “No, people have to give it a special name and everything”

    It’s all been downhill since the weather channel started naming storms, a peccadillo I won’t legitimize by using the names.

    • acat says:

      The Disneficiation of the weather ..
      (look who owns the weather channel, eh?)
      Seriously, the World Meteorological Organization names hurricanes and tropical cyclones because a short name makes differentiating between two storms easy .. which is true.
      There’s no particular reason, though, to differentiate between “a hellaton of snow fell in December” and “a hellaton of snow fell in January” ..
      “1967 was a nasty winter” is sufficient.

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