Item Seed: Fireball Vodka.

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Fireball Vodka

Fireball Vodka is complicated.  It’s vodka! That’s magically infused with a standard Fireball spell! But at the same time, you can drink it!  And people do! It is, in fact, all the rage at the most ostentatious parties, precisely because you can drink it. It’s ludicrously expensive to make, but when you have the money to burn, that just makes it trendy.

Fireball Vodka works by, unsurprisingly, taking shots. Each bottle holds eighteen shots, but you need three shots to have enough magic to make a ‘standard’ fireball. One shot will give you a fireball at one-third power, and so forth: fortunately, you can’t stack the shots past three, although somebody who drinks the entire bottle can now cast a fireball spell at full strength six times before he runs out of juice. Note that you don’t have to be a mage for Fireball Vodka to work; also note that slamming three shots of hard alcohol in rapid succession will not improve the average person’s judgement, discretion, and/or aim.  Drinking the bottle might get you killed, in more ways than one.

Why did anybody make Fireball Vodka in the first place?  Because somebody was crazy and distilled a bottle just to see if he could, that’s why.  And then somebody paid the crazy person a lot of money to make more bottles of the stuff, and then it became a fad, and now the City Watch patrols some of the higher-wealth neighborhoods while wearing fireproof chainmail. And you don’t want the Watch to find out that you have a case of Fireball Vodka and not have the proper permissions, exemptions, and bribes handy.  They get rather upset about it if you do.

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