Samuel L Jackson gets the Mother Of All Face Lifts for Captain Marvel.

Nah, that’s not gonna look freaky at all: “Kevin Feige has confirmed to Slash Film that moviegoers will see Samuel L. Jackson de-aged for the entire runtime of [Captain Marvel].” As Coming Soon notes there, Disney/Marvel has been playing with this tech for a while now in the MCU: Ant-Man, Civil War, apparently Ant-Man and the Wasp (the crud going around Chez Lane has completely screwed up my plans to see the movie), and now Captain Marvel.  Oh, and they did something similar with Rogue One*.

Will it work? …Maybe?  There’s a limit to what computers can do, but Disney has the resources to push the limit on this, and clearly if they can get it to good-enough it’ll pay off for them. I dunno if stress-testing it in the middle of Captain Marvel is the right time to do, though.  That movie is already being expected to bridge Avengers 3 and 4 while also setting up a replacement mega-superheroine while also establishing a post-Avengers future for the MCU while also being an origin story.  Maybe a little bit less on that particular plate?

Moe Lane

*That wasn’t Carrie Fisher’s body.


  • Canthros says:

    Young Michael Douglas was pretty convincing in Ant-Man, as I recall, as was young RDJ in Civil War. Both were pretty short clips, but it definitely worked better than Rogue One’s versions of Grand Moff Tarkin or Princess Leia (who was only onscreen briefly, too), who were someplace in the unsettling parts of the uncanny valley.
    OTOH, I still remember Clu in Tron: Legacy being a bit … off. So, hopefully the tech’s improved enough to get past that for characters with more screen time.

  • BigFire says:

    The de-aging done in Ant-Man and the Wasp is even better this time around compared to the previous film. They have to deage both Douglass and Michelle Pfeiffer and both were good.

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