The Fantasy Trip Kickstarter keeps chugging along…

The Fantasy Trip is funded, with all of the stuff from the past, and a bunch of new stuff, too.  I gotta wonder, though: at what point do you go: Hey, we’re going to be doing everything that we can realistically do with this intellectual property? — Particularly since I would like Steve Jackson Games to work on, you know, Car Wars and whatnot.  Since we’re talking about old-school gaming material and everything.

Just saying, that’s all.


  • prayerborne says:

    The last _Daily Illuminator_ I read about the next edition of Car Wars did NOT fill me with optimism. They were talking about making it further in the future–like, a century from now (yes, I’m aware that we’re already WELL past the point of divergence from the original Car Wars future history, unless I somehow missed the secession of TX/LA/OK in 2000).
    Plus, I suspect Gaslands is sucking all of the vehicular-mayhem oxygen out of the room, right now. I listened to The Secret Cabal’s review of it, and must have said “Oh, so it’s Car Wars” about 30 times.
    Nevertheless, Drive Offensively.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      …What’s Gaslands?

      • Compound says:

        A Car Wars-ish minis game from Osprey. Uses Matchbox and Hot Wheels for units. Kindle version is $1.99 at Amazon right now.

        • Moe_Lane says:

          That is goram brilliant and I’m glad that Osprey has finally noticed all the money that they’ve been leaving on the table.

          “So, these guys buy historical wargames, and then they use our products to paint the miniatures right?”
          “How much do they spend on this stuff?”
          “:interrupting: LOTS.”
          “We don’t have the right skill sets to make the miniatures?”
          “But do we have the right skill sets to make the GAMES?”

          “…Interesting question.”

  • Compound says:

    A Car Wars-ish minis game from Osprey. Uses Matchbox and Hot Wheels for units. Uses Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars as minis. Kindle version is $1.99 at Amazon right now.

  • Compound says:

    Okay, ignore those dupes. Interwebz issues

  • Compound says:

    One last, late night comment. Just saw the latest KS update and Phil explicitly uses the term OSR in passing. (For the less-hardcore gamers, OSR is Old School Revival, a term in RPGs that calls back to the early era of less-rules heavy, more freeform RPGs, ala the pre-AD&D D&D rules. It’s a rather vocal minority in gaming.)
    Steve might be making a play toward that market and that kinda makes sense. TFT is from that era. It’s not terribly complex. It’s very freeform, very adaptable (one of the recent articles tossed was an old Space Gamer article about using TFT as a super hero game. The article was around 6 or so pages in the magazine, IIRC, and that’s very lean.) And it’s got the advantage of coming from a Steve Jackson, who’s not a slouch at game design, and it had hundreds of thousands of players playing and battering the rules it back in the day, rather than the hundreds playing some of the OSR brands. Plus, Steve may have some better info on current gaming trends than I do and he may be seeing something coming. And in comparison to recent games, I don’t think TFT is as rules heavy as “Kids on Bikes”, Weave, or Loop is. Hmm. This bears more thought.

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