Tried the Steak and Potato Nachos again today.

Recipe found here: Steak and Potato Nachos.

The ‘mistake’ I made last time was to not use enough pans.  This time, I cooked the skirt steak on a cast-iron griddle, which meant that I didn’t smoke up the kitchen this time when I added the potatoes.  What I did instead, in fact, was to put the potatoes in the cast iron pot, add the steak on top and the cheese, then broil it — which I don’t remember if I did last time — until it was ready to go.  More dishes, but less potential emergencies, and my wife and I inhaled it just as readily as last time.

There’s still smoking going on, though.  I am considering next time to go with my original impulse to grill it outside.  Only problem there is that it’s a pain to use charcoal for just that one item, and no, we’re not getting a propane grill any time soon.  That’s an extravagance for us, frankly.

Still, yum.  No pictures, because, well.


  • Spegen says:

    You could cook the potatoes on the grill. At that point the only question would be use the grill for the last step of broiling or turn the oven on just for that. Cast iron and grills go well together.

  • acat says:

    Meaning no offense, Moe, but .. have you asked us fans to contribute to something like .. this ?
    No propane, no propane accessories, just a natural gas connection .. you *do* have natural gas at your house, yes? ..
    The flavor does not meet charcoal standards .. but it’s soooooooo convenient.. and the side burner is perfect for your “some of it gets fried, some of it gets grilled” meal plan.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      I honestly do not have the backyard space for anything more than a portable charcoal grill. Besides; I’m married to an engineer, remember? Getting people to buy my stories via Patreon is one thing, fundraising for frivolities is quite another. 🙂

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