Tweet of the Day, It’s A Miracle Mickey Mouse Wasn’t Hit By Lightning… edition.

…for this.

I’m not even mad.  It’d be like getting mad at a hyena for being a hyena.  Mind you, if I was American Dictator my absolute first step would be hacking back copyright protections to 28 years after creation, no exceptions, no extensions, yes we’re backdating, I will burn your law firm to the ground and dance on the ashes if you even try to get an injunction, all y’all have abused the privilege, I am absolutely looking at you Disney, don’t make me turn this country around.

Moe Lane

PS: Yeah, this pushes the Line.  You should have seen all the comments that I was going to make about various individuals.


  • Finrod says:

    Right there with you regarding copyright. I’d settle for a system where items under copyright that have been put up for sale aggressively fall out of copyright once they are no longer for sale; say 5 years for software, 10 years for music, 20 years for books.

  • Jon says:

    Can one stand against oneself in a legal sense? Probably not, but if you could, it might make a good campaign plot point.
    “The person who assaulted me is in this room, your honor.”
    “Who is it?”
    *points to self* “This man!”

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