Sooooo, there’s going to be a Dark And Gritty Fantasy Island remake?

Goodness gracious.

Dave Bautista is in negotiations to join the upcoming film adaptation of the classic TV series Fantasy Island. He will join Michael Peña, who is talking on the role of the iconic character Mr. Roarke.

The movie is described as being a “tonal mix of Westworld meets The Cabin in the Woods, centering on a group of contest winners who arrive at an island hotel to live out their dreams, only to find themselves trapped in nightmare scenarios.”

I have to admit, though: GeekTyrant has a point.  This might not actually suck.  Seriously, just how beloved is Fantasy Island, anyway?  I mean, I watched it as a kid, and I thought that it was kind of dumb then, too.  Not bad dumb.  …And, admittedly (and once I had Wikipedia jog my memory): the show could get a little dark.  Usually not dark-dark, but there was something there.

And Michael Pena’s playing Mr. Roarke?  …OK. Fine. I’ll allow it.


  • Compound says:

    No, this is the *second* grim and gritty Fantasy Island reboot. They rebooted it twenty years ago, with Malcolm McDowell as Rourke, who was implied to possibly be Lucifer.
    And while Pena’s a decent actor, if it doesn’t work with McDowell, it’s not going to work for him either.

    • Moe_Lane says:

      Really? I Did Not Know That. 🙂

      • acat says:

        To be fair, the original made economic sense when there were more actors than full-time gigs ..
        Star of cancelled show X could make money (and keep their face in the public eye) by appearing on Love Boat or Fantasy Island or Battle of the Network Stars ..
        Today, though .. do we have the same scenario?
        All that said .. this cat’s opinion is that ‘gritty’ is the wrong way to go. More ‘beautiful deadly’ would work better .. but ‘gritty’ is a fixation for today’s hollywood.

      • Jon says:

        Yes. It did not End Well.
        Funny because Lucifer is actually a very good show.

  • bensdad00 says:

    Next your gonna tell me they rebooted that other classic The Love Boat already and cast bald Spencer as the captain.

  • Belcatar says:

    So is Dave Bautista going to play the Mr. Belvedere guy who replaced Tattoo, or is he going to play Tattoo?

    Since they’re remaking Fantasy Island, I have a few other shows that I would like to see. Let’s get a new version of The Fall Guy, a brand-new Tales of the Gold Monkey (recasting every surviving Firefly cast member into the show) A new Simon and Simon would be nice. Maybe a new Love Boat, but instead of a cruise ship, it’s a floating prison for paranormal entities. But you could still call it the Love Boat. Then people would be surprised, at least initially.

    • junior says:

      Neither. He will be playing a strange green-skinned alien who’s mourning the loss of his family, and who’s really good with knives, but really bad with metaphors.

    • acat says:

      If we’re gonna reboot Simon and Simon, can we at least get a coherent backstory this time? The retcons were fast and furious with that show!

      • Belcatar says:

        Actually, I just want them to keep the same theme song. Just for kicks they could make the detectives sisters instead of brothers. Because that sort of thing is all the rage now.

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