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Survival Mold [TL 10] [30]

Description: Mottled-colored goop that rapidly grows on human hair and skin.  It looks like it would smell bad, but it does not. Survival Mold lasts indefinitely: in fact, removing it requires a particular enzyme that is difficult to manufacture at, say, TL8.

To use, just grab a ball of the goop with your bare hands, and let the Mold do the rest.  Survival Mold is designed to be used mostly on planets that are bio-compatible with Earth: it is not a combat suit, or even a stealth one.  What it will do is protect against most irritants or toxins and keep the wearer from getting food and water poisoning via a combination of recyclers and filters.  It also specifically improves human senses, particularly the eyes. Most sensible societies with bio-tech will keep canisters of this stuff in the escape pods.

Note that Survival Mold can be worn under clothing or armor.  Also: the description below represents a mass produced, no frills, practically disposable bioengineered survival suit for human beings.  More elaborate Survival Mold suits exist.

Advantages: Perception +1 [5], Damage Resistance 1 (Force Field* +20%) [6], Filter Lungs [5] Nictitating Membrane 1 [1], Night Vision 1 [1], Reduced Consumption 1 [2], Super Climbing 1 [3], Temperature Tolerance 2 [2] , Universal Digestion [5].

*It’s not really a force field, but it has the same practical effect.


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