Yay (on balance)! Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow.

The bad news: everybody has a screwed-up schedule for the next week or so, or possibly six months (some people just can’t handle the circadian shift). The good news: this makes it easier to sync up lair raids in my MMO (Secret World Legends). The AUS/NZ folks will be ending their DST in April, so starting tomorrow the USA morning players will be interacting with the Aussie and Kiwi nighttime players an hour earlier from the latter’s point of view. It gets more pronounced (and convenient) when the EUR players activate their own DST at the end of the month, allowing for a sweet spot for morning USA / early afternoon EUR / prime time evening AUS/NZ play.

…Look, when you belong to a cabal that has players scattered across the planet, you learn to pay attention to time zones. DST ending/beginning last year mucked up our schedules something fierce; I look forward to the realignment, and so does the rest of my cabal.

2 thoughts on “Yay (on balance)! Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow.”

  1. My son’s school had the deviously brilliant plan of scheduling their Spring Break this week, so they don’t have to deal with kids being unruly because their internal clocks are off an hour. Well, there was probably some other reason, but the coincidence is still awfully convenient.

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