It’s Spring Break!

Shockingly, my children have things that they want to do besides sit in the house and play video games. Like, go outside and walk around looking for Pokemon on Pokemon Go. …And God bless Niantic for that. Hell, I’m walking more now.

Gonna be a weird week or so, though. We’re trying to filter all of our little jaunts through the Pokemon lens, you see. Fortunately, there are a LOT of Pokestops and gyms out there*. Handy! And impressive market saturation, too.

Moe Lane

*I took out two gyms myself this afternoon. Then I looked at the third gym, which was being run out of a local church. I looked at the Pokemon defending it, noted that they were all cute, nay, adorable Pokemon most likely to be beloved of small children… and I carefully walked away. Those kids would cut me if I tried to muscle in. They would cut me and my Pokemon filthy.