In Nomine Revisited: Lorelei, Bright Lilim of Divine Fire.

That ‘Divine Fire’ thing is a reference to about ten years’ worth of a quiet struggle of mine to redefine a certain aspect of the In Nomine in-game universe to the point where everybody would forget that it had ever been anything else. I’ve always regretting not knowing if it would have succeeded, in the end. Alas.


Bright Lilim of Divine Fire

Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength: 6 Agility: 6

Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence: 6 Precision: 6

Celestial Forces: 3 Will: 6 Perception: 6

Vessel: female vessel/1, +1 Charisma

Skills: Dodge/1, Driving/1, Fighting/1, Move Silently/1, Savoir-Faire/1, Small Weapon/1 (Whip)

Songs: Healing (Corporeal/1), Shields (Corporeal/1)

Attunements: Bright Lilim of Divine Fire, Ofanite of Divine Fire

Role: Rich Socialite/6, Status/6 (“Laura Meadows”)

Lorelei Has A Plan. 

She puts it in all capitals, because that’s the sort of angel that she is.  And she is very, very happy to be an angel, rather than the pathetic Free Lilim that she had been, before Gabriel found her.  Lorelei had no drive, no Spark, no self-worth: she was as bland as a Lilim could possibly be, and perhaps even a little bit more than that.  Worse, she knew it.  

She’s thankful for that blandness, now — remembering how she was helps Lorelei keep her cover now — but the Lilim took Redemption when offered more because any transformation was a good one.  This is often considered not a good mindset to have; but then again, she did survive.  The Redemption process made Lorelei both driven and possessed of a certain dry humor, but this was hardly upsetting to the new angel.  Even if it had been, transfiguration beats death any day of the weak.

The difficulty is what happened after Lorelei was transfigured.  Soldekai recognized that the new angel needed something reasonably simple and straightforward to start with, and arranged a Role for her as a member of the idle rich.  As “Laura Meadows” she is expected to keep one eye out for promising new artistic talent, and the other for any Servitors of the Media who might prey on that talent. And, of course, acquiring a Geas or six along the way would be useful for Heaven; Ms. Meadows typically meets all sorts of unpleasant people that the Host would like a bit more control over, and the Bright does work for an Archangel that targets the Cruel. 

Truth be told, Lorelei has no objections to her work, what there is of it.  It is, unfortunately, not enough work to keep her from starting to develop boredom; and giving her more official work is complicated by her unique circumstances.  As it stands, activating Lorelei’s Geases requires a little forethought by Soldekai; he has no desire to blow the Lilim’s cover by having her too freely order her acquaintances around.  At the same time, Lorelei‚Äôs Role is too public to let her disappear on a regular basis.  

This means that the Bright is kept from actively being assigned to Cruelty projects, which makes Lorelei a little hyperactive.  She’s about ready to put on a mask and go beat up on muggers and petty thieves to relax (which is a Plan that Lorelei herself admits is both vaguely silly, and melodramatic).  Interestingly, when she finally breaks down and does it anyway, Lorelei’s going to discover two things: one, she might have actually some small talent at masked vigilantism. Two, the activities associated with being a masked vigilante are apparently covered by her Role.

Lorelei is a balanced starting character.

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