The CONTROL Honest Game Trailer.

Gotta admit: I’m seriously considering CONTROL now. I mean, it looks like one of the good ones. The really good ones.

But sixty bucks is sixty bucks. Maybe with the Christmas money.


  • Compound says:

    I’ve been playing Control since you last spoke of it. You’ll dig it. There are some gameplay minor issues I have with it. (The time penalty for dying is sometimes rather severe. And homing stuff. Ugh.) But I shan’t talk further about it.
    But I will speak of the real life building that allegedly houses the organization in the game. It’s 33 Thomas Street in New York City- the AT&T Long Lines Building. It’s a 29 story but about the same height as a 40 story, concrete, windowless building in a brutalistic style. Residents of New York report that the building casts a dark shadow over the NYC skyline due to its lack of lights at night. It’s jut a black gap in the skyline. It was allegedly built to withstand a nuke and has a self contained water supply and power source. It’s allegedly a cornerstone of the NSA’s surveillance of the NYC area. Or possibly just an telecommunications hub. And none of that real life weirdness matters in the game.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    It is a good game. I have not played it in about a week (got sidetracked) but I enjoyed what I have played so far. Quirky. Atmospheric rather than spooky really.
    And I know I am not the only one who when they heard the voice of the Former director did not want to shake their TV and yell ‘Give me Max Payne 3- a REAL Max Payne 3!’
    *checks the candle that has been burning for- damn, I feel old- 16 years since Max Payne 2.*

  • Luke says:

    I need something new to obsess about le I need a hole in my head.
    But come to think of it, nostrils, ears, and mouth are all quite nifty to have.
    What’s a little trepanation between friends?

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