The TERMINATOR: DARK FATE …TV?… Red Band trailer.

Wait, TV? You can say the f-word on network TV now? When did THAT happen?

Anyway. TERMINATOR: DARK FATE. I dunno, folks. Linda Hamilton sounds a little weary in this one, and Ahnold ain’t much better. Also, I think that they’re ignoring everything after TERMINATOR 2? Although, honestly, not a bad call there.

I want it to be good, but then I want every new Terminator film to be good. Guess how often I luck out? Exactly.


  • junior says:

    “Also, I think that they’re ignoring everything after TERMINATOR 2?”

    IIRC, everything after Terminator 2 (aside from the TV show, which is obviously off in its own little world) takes place after Sarah Connor dies. So the fact that Linda Hamilton is back pretty much requires them to ignore everything after the second film.

  • JustDave says:

    I’ve said this before, but I suppose it bears repeating. The Terminator franchise has as a fundamental premise using time travel to change the past. A direct corollary is that continuity in any particular movie (or TV show) is whatever the writers want it to be.


    It’s also interesting that this outing seems to be entirely ignoring John Connor.

  • jetty says:

    We cut the cable several years ago, so I don’t worry what *they* allow on TV.

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