The Lack Of Suckage continues on THE MANDALORIAN.

Episode 3 of THE MANDALORIAN dropped, and it was good! Good action, good pacing; and I really like how they’re not making the individual episodes conform to a standard length. The lack of padding gives me the feeling that everything we’re going to see on the screen is meaningful somehow.

Also: no real spoilers, but there’s just something enjoyable about watching somebody realize with horror that he just can’t live down to his bad intentions. It’s very affirming. They should make more shows that touch on that.


  • Aetius451AD says:

    You are piquing my interest, just not enough to sign on for Disney+. The things you are mentioning is like thinking of all of the good things you had with an Ex-girlfriend while forgetting the reasons why you broke up with her. There obviously was something good about her, or you would not have been dating in the first place.
    There is an argument I have always had with a buddy of mine: Star Wars seems to be affected by a singularly inspired lack of vision. The argument (completely wrong) that Rich Evans makes on RLM is that there is nothing to Star Wars beyond light-sabers, tie fighters and X wings. As with anything, it is not the setting that makes a story good- it is the story. Make good stories and the universe is good. Make bad stories, and the universe goes to shit. Light sabers may be a cool toy, but they are not enough in themselves (Episode III, anyone?)
    However, we have seen with KoToR: you can completely shake up the setting without relying on the old characters and it does not matter one damn bit- as long as you have a good story and tell it well.
    This is the same problem with Mass Effect. I always thought they made Mass Effect because Bioware could not get license to keep working in the Star Wars Universe. So they said, to hell with you and we will make our own damn space opera and tell the stories and show the characters we want to. And they did, and then it wasn’t.
    Mass Effect Andromeda is another example: have a good story premise (I still think that story idea is the best damn idea ever) but if you make bland characters and fall down on the other aspects, it also does not matter.

  • jeboyle says:

    It has been a long time since I paid to see a Star Wars film, but I like what Jon Favreau is doing with the Mandalorian. This third episode was pretty good. How does a Mandalorian express regret for his actions?

    With pin-point targeting and every trick in his book.

    I’m intrigued with the glimpses Favreau gives of Mandalorians as a whole: a warrior society that refuses to turn its eyes from the truth, even about themselves.

    And I like seeing Carl Weathers get some work.

  • MichaelN21209 says:

    “This is the way.”

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