So. It’s going to be called GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE?


A few weeks ago, we reported that the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel had its title released by Italian movie site BadTaste.It. While it was not confirmed by the studio at the time, it is now official, and the film is titled Ghostbusters: Afterlife. And not only do we have the title, but it’s been reported by joblo that we will see the film’s first trailer this week!

That’s gonna be an interesting cultural event next year, huh? People can get touchy about the GHOSTBUSTERS reboot, and in this particular case I mean the people who are gonna get real bent out of shape if an in-universe sequel like GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE is better received than said reboot*. Which I believe it will be, if only because a true sequel sounds more like what audiences would want in the first place.

But we’ll know more when we see the trailer.

Moe Lane

*My position on the reboot remains unchanged: I watched it, I liked it well enough, I’m in no real rush to see it again. But you know me. I am very forgiving towards movies.