The I AM JESUS CHRIST video game teaser trailer.

It’s rare that you see a video game trailer that makes everybody stop and go lolwhut? I AM JESUS CHRIST has managed it, though. Who are they expecting to play this game, anyway?

And it’s got an entry on Steam, so if the game’s a hoax then it’s a more elaborate one than usual. It’s also just a little too easy to shake one’s head and say ‘blasphemy.’ Blasphemy in these decadent times doesn’t usually bother to make this much of an effort. Wondrously, terrifyingly: this might be sincere.

Ach, the times we live in!

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know. Maybe. It’ll depend on the price point.


  • Aetius451AD says:

    I am not sure what to say to this one.
    *Insert joke about God mode*
    It strikes me odd, but I do not detect the tongue in cheek feel of mockery or sucker punch. Might well be real.

    • nicklevi86 says:

      The quality/activity appears to me as “earnest, if predictable Christian Media” production values.
      Interpret that trope how you will.

  • Aetius451AD says:

    Also, completely off topic, but the new Wonder Woman 1984 trailer dropped.

  • Compound says:

    It’s like Untitled Goose Game, but instead of terrorizing a small English village, you’re make Jerusalem nicer. Still, the Savior better have a “honk” button to spam.

    • nicklevi86 says:

      You realize there’s The Money-changer’s in Temple Court level to play through, right? Plenty of opportunity for action.

      • nicklevi86 says:

        Or there should be. Haven’t played it, but if it’s not an option, it’ll be a major oversight.

        • Rockphed says:

          Money changers, pigs, fig trees. Jesus has a few vengeful God moments. Also, there should be a “pharasee annoyance” meter that causes problems for the people you help if you do too much in one place.

          • acat says:

            When asking “What Would Jesus Do?” .. remember that knocking over furniture and beating on people with a whip are valid options …

  • Jon says:

    Honestly, there may be people who want to play a Skyrim-type game but are uncomfortable with magic that’s disconnected from their religion. There are strong mystical groups in Catholicism and Judaism, which sometimes get little respect. I’m not saying it’s a large market, but some of them may enjoy.

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