03/25/2020 Snippet, THE WOLF-MAN OF WESTHAVEN.

Getting there!


Maddie got the attention of the wolf-man by casting an area-effect general scrying spell that ‘happened’ to include the spot that he was in. It was as low-powered as possible, given the likelihood that the warding artifact would flare painfully for the wolf-man, but she and Susan agreed that it was the only way to not give away the fact that Maddie could track their target without using actual spellcrafting.

After that, it was a matter of waiting — except that it was not much of a wait. It turned out that wolf-men could run very, very quickly. Maddie’s first warning was a rustle in the brush around her, then a blur of speed as clawed hands reached out toe grab — and miss, as she set off a prepared spell and began to blur with speed on her own.

It was obvious right away that she was not quite as fast as an angry wolf-man; but she had the twin advantages of knowing ahead of time where she was going, and what to do when she got there. By the time the wolf-man worked out his own plan, the necromancer was already halfway towards the abandoned nursing school, at top speed. “Perfect,” she muttered to herself as she ran. “I’m being chased by an angry wolf-man into an abandoned ruin saturated with evil death magic. This was a great plan, Maddie.”

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