Could use a word count/story count opinion.

The next book going up for Kickstarting is going to be the short story collection (I expect it’ll be around November), and I wanted an opinion. Assuming a price point of 2.99 – 4.99 for a Kindle, what’s a reasonable expectation for word count and/or story count? I personally think that it should be more than what was in the sampler, so I guess ‘six stories’ is the lower limit there, at least. Thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Could use a word count/story count opinion.”

  1. It depends ….
    Lois Bujold’s “Borders of Infinity” was three barely-novellas with a short-story wrapper holding ’em together. At the other extreme, Jim Butcher seems to include 10 or 11 shorts in his Dresden Files short collections.
    Left to my own devices, I’d say .. it depends. Seven and Thirteen are both good numbers.. but if you’ve got a few that think they’re novellas in the mix, three may be correct.

  2. For collections of short stories in general, 10-12 is about right, but there’s a significant fudge factor.
    Fewer than eight, or more than fifteen, and I’m going to have questions.
    For inter-related short stories that tie together into a meta-arc plot, fewer is better than padding. Wrap it where the story ends, and don’t apologize.
    For story collections on a theme, think about how many stories on the theme you’d be interested in reading back-to-back. Because once the reader puts the book down for something else, they probably won’t be picking it up again.(Negative example: Kaiju Rising. Stories about giant monsters stomping over everything? Great! 25 of them? Who knew giant monsters and apocalyptic destruction could become boring?)

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