The “Wait, there are automatic weapons in that video game?” MONSTER HUNTER trailer.

Apparently, there are not. Automatic weapons in the Monster Hunter video game franchise, I mean. The movie apparently decided that this was absolute bull[expletive deleted] and what viewers would really want to see is an Army Gurrrl shooting a LAW at a dragon.


Okay, when I write it out like that

More seriously? Sure, it’s not respectful of the original intellectual property, as my wife would say. Counterpoint: virtually no video game movie ever* shows respect for the original intellectual property. So what’s one more outrage? I dunno, maybe you could pretend it’s a mod or something?

Moe Lane

*Detective Pikachu and the Sonic the Hedgehog flick weren’t bad.

2 thoughts on “The “Wait, there are automatic weapons in that video game?” MONSTER HUNTER trailer.”

  1. If they wanted beautiful badasses shooting monsters, they should have optioned Monster Hunter *International*.

  2. Yup. Take a property that’s very popular, and add something that utterly and completely does not belong. Don’t get me wrong. The Rathalos and the Diabolos in the trailer both look quite good. And seeing them in action might be a lot of fun. But how hard would it have been to make a movie that actually focuses on the hunters within the setting (i.e. like the one guy who looked rather out of place among a unit of modern troops) instead of this?

    And seriously – within the setting these creatures get brought down by hunters wielding swords and bows. And you’re going to try and tell me that a unit of modern troops – with modern equipment – is going to have trouble with them?

    Plus – unlike Dauntless – there’s a lot of tactical gameplay and preparation that goes into a hunt in the Monster Hunter games. They should have stuck with the source material.

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