10/16/20 Snippet, PATCHWORK GOD.

I have a bit of a pressure headache, so I’m calling it an early night.


Pat, to her credit, didn’t try to mealy-mouth. “We tried. We’re very bad at manipulating these kinds of holes, though. We don’t like them, for a start.”

“True,” I replied. “Whereas my Side has an entire division of operatives out there trying to keep would-be gods from setting up shop. Fine, we’ve got the expertise. Anything else?”

“Mostly the Tomes themselves.” Pat looked disgusted. “We can reconstruct what Leviathan did, but we can’t duplicate its methods. That’s a nonstarter.”

“Of course,” I replied. “Committing murder’s bad for your head. Torture, too. It’s a bad habit to get into, in fact.” We had discovered that on our own right from the start, but I’d be damned if I’d wash my Side’s dirty laundry in front of somebody from the Other one.

2 thoughts on “10/16/20 Snippet, PATCHWORK GOD.”

  1. Hey Moe –
    Is .. damned.. the right word.. in context of the being speaking?
    Would have expected another phrasing …

    1. No, it’s deliberate. From Ms. Stewart’s point of view, her current home address is perfectly suitable for her needs and temperament; and, obviously, she has the ability and means to travel abroad on a regular basis. 🙂

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