3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Dammit edition.”

    1. Sure, a twenty-one day slip is disappointing, but hundreds (if not thousands) of bugs can be identified, resolved, added to a release candidate, tested and ultimately deployed in a patch.

      Having worked in the video games industry in a number of player engagement roles, I can attest to launch delay announcements being one of the most difficult to craft, especially to a dedicated IP fan base. I do not envy the CD Projekt Red’s community management team in their efforts to mollify a significant segment of dissatisfied customers.

      Launch delay decisions severely impact a company’s financials, and are not ones made lightly. Kudos to CD Projekt Red for making the decision to respect quality and eventual player satisfaction over profit, as well as offering insight into the development process, transparency and humility.

      Am I disappointed to have to wait three weeks to play? Absolutely, but that’s not going to stop my Special Edition purchase.

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