Tweet of the Day, I Am A Knight Without Armor In A Savage Land edition.

I see that map, and I see… madness. Madness, and discordance, and a world where people inexplicably think turkey gravy is its own side dish.

God help me. God help us all.

13 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, I Am A Knight Without Armor In A Savage Land edition.”

  1. Arkansas, Wyoming, and Hawaii really are mystifying in their responses. Do they just … drink it?

  2. Devil’s advocate says everything is better with gravy.
    In every household I’ve ever been in it goes on the meat.
    And the stuffing.
    And the mash.
    And most of the vegetables.
    Only thing it stays off of is the sweet potatoes, really.
    Other than the pie.
    We’re not savages.
    Although gravy might work on mincemeat.

  3. And yet not one listed the correct answer of Beer. Also watching the Lions get beat again (no I am not bitter that its another season down the toilet, why do you ask?)

  4. I have questions about how this data was complied.
    (Also, green bean casserole seems mostly made as some sort of weird traditional observance. I’ve rarely seen anybody eat more than a bite or two of it, and generally not even that much.)

  5. It is not my own place to judge. Especially since such an answer leaves more of both the mashed potatoes and the stuffing for *me*. ^_^

    They can keep their hands off the Brown Gravy though until *after* I have properly anointed turkey, potatoes and stuffing. Once I’ve done that they can go ahead and go wild! ^_~

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