03/02/21 Snippet, MARKET DAY AT THE PECZ.

Long day, catching up.


Friends of the Earth Made Clean Compound

Attend me, Cascadia Silversong.

Silversong looked up, not bothering to stifle a groan; and, sure enough, there was the ‘demon’ again, parading around in yet another possessed songbird. This latest manifestation of Camio sounded slightly different, and not just because of the faint trickle of blood running down one leg. He was looking kind of… manic? It really was hard to tell.

“You’re in my office,” she pointed out. “So who’s attending who? And have you ever thought about picking animals that are maybe a little sturdier?”

No other creature in the forest sings as sweetly as these, Camio chirped. Their pain is a delicate harmony of pain and loss. Even now this one screams, inside its tiny head. Would you like to hear it?

“Not really,” she replied. “I’ve never been what you’d call musical. So, why are you attending me?”

You are insolent.

Silversong gave the ‘demon’ a faint smile. After a moment, the houseplant on the desk next to where Camio was perching caught on fire. The purple-green flames briefly illuminated her face as she said, “And your point is?”

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  1. “Their pain is a delicate harmony of pain and loss.” would ring better if you weren’t using the word “pain” twice in a sentence. I sort of have the feeling that it would be better to replace the first one rather than the second, but I don’t think a synonym would necessarily work all that well either. I’d want to put something like “slow death” or “slow collapse” there, maybe? I’m not sure the cadence is quite right even then.

    Eh. Hopefully I’ve been helpful.

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