The week is over!

Massive stress and much difficulty actually doing anything. But today I actually sat down and figured out the plot of the story for the Baen contest. Now that I have, I can actually write the damn thing properly. I also straightened out something with the Portland Fermi Resolution story that had been bugging me.

Oddly, all of that helped. Or maybe not oddly. Clarity is useful.

Moe Lane

PS: My wife also flat-out told me she had a nigh-insurmountable problem with a character in MORGAN BAROD. I said, “Well, what if he was [x] instead of [y]?” and then there was no problem at all. And then I had to admit to myself that she was right. Still, easily fixed.

[UPATE]: Link added.

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    1. Make sure to stop by the Horsebrass, and admire the photography.

      (What Baen contest? I went over to look, and just saw a “tell us what you liked most about Ringo’s zombie series” contest.)

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