04/04/21 Snippet, PROCESSING DUTY.

Sherlock and Watson, they ain’t.


“So why me?” Jack asked as we headed to the rooms where we keep the organic stuff. His voice was getting better, although he still had that Midwest rasp from before. “I’m no gumshoe.”

“I ain’t one either, Jack,” I said as I opened one particular door. “But somebody let those damned things out, and since one was stuck on your face I figure it wasn’t you. I wanna make sure I got somebody who won’t sabotage the investigation.”

Jack brightened. “Yeah, Slugger, that makes sense,” he said, although I didn’t care for hearing the surprise in his mouth. I’m big but I ain’t dumb. I made it out of Korea, didn’t I? And it wasn’t just because I could make a BAR sing.

I decided letting it bug me wasn’t real smart, so instead I started calling out into what looked like an empty room. Well, except for all the crates. “Hey! Dizzy! You around?” I didn’t hear anything right away, and that made my fingers twitch for my old BAR, a little. Silly to worry, but when you’re in a room full of things for the Queue, worrying ain’t silly at all.