The Nerf Aliens LMTD M41A Pulse Blaster.

…(Via Fark) I assume I have your attention, now?

The Nerf Aliens LMTD M41A Pulse Blaster: a fully-automatic, Ultra/Mega over/under shooter. Ten-round motorized Ultra magazine with digital shot counter, pump-action for the Mega. “Movie-inspired blaster sounds” included. This GameStop-exclusive baby will run you $94.99, because they have a pretty good feel for their target markets. Five bucks more might have hit a price point.

Moe Lane

PS: Oh, it is absolutely beautiful. But it’s not ’95 bucks beautiful,’ at least to me. Or at least at this particular moment in time.

One thought on “The Nerf Aliens LMTD M41A Pulse Blaster.”

  1. Very pretty. Wait, I’m using the word “pretty” to describe a fully automatic hand-held ENERGY WEAPON???

    When did that happen? You’re right though, too expensive for me. Unless two or more of my friends buy one.

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