Speaking of beta readers…

…I’m going to need some for TINSEL RAIN. You wouldn’t get the draft until February at the earliest, and turnaround time on it would be about a month (although there’s flexibility, there: the limiting factor for publishing this book is cash flow). Leave a comment or email me if you’re interested.


PS: I’ve also decided to take the rest of the month off from working on GHOSTS ON AN ALIEN WIND. I’ve been novel-writing constantly for two straight months; I can afford to take off from that for two weeks. This is supposed to be fun, not mildly oppressive.

4 thoughts on “Speaking of beta readers…”

  1. I’m always happy to read a new Moe Lane book. Your call whether you think it’d help.


    p.s. should you take me up on this, is there a better way to submit bug reports than posting messages on the music (open) threads ?

  2. I will read anything you write, Moe, and gladly so.

    You may not recognize me as I am – but twenty years (!) ago I spent several nights on your couch, and you let me use the Song of Machines to inconvenience a Demon Prince trying to stage a coup.

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