Obsessive-Compulsive and/or Dedicated Fans Hack STARFIELD’s Map.

What’s the difference? Nomenclature! “It’s going to be a fair bit longer before we finally get to explore Starfield’s galaxy. Unless, of course, you’re dedicated enough to reverse engineer Bethesda’s star-map based on six fleeting seconds of trailer footage, compile it into a 3D executable, and release it into the wild for curious fans.”

Details at the link. For myself, I look upon being able to do this in the same way that I look upon mod development: as a wonderful and handy life skill, for other people. I just want the end result. Not that we’re getting STARFIELD until next year anyway, by which point I will have forgotten about this…

4 thoughts on “Obsessive-Compulsive and/or Dedicated Fans Hack STARFIELD’s Map.”

  1. Yay for internet autists!

    I saw someone mention earlier today that most of the 1000 planets would be largely procedurally generated, with only a point or two of handcrafted interest.
    Then he said the part that made me sit back, and boggle.
    “So they are effectively blank slates for the modders to play with.”

      1. I know, right?

        Is it bad that I’m wondering about the required system specs to run the creation kit?

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