08/05/22 Snippet, TOUR OF DUTY.

I’m sure she’s fine.


[Journal entries deemed not relevant.]

January 28

We jumped out of the waypoint today. I was in Propulsion, getting used to my new station (they put Dan in Life Support; I got Janusz working with me, and isn’t that fun). I was surprised that the waypoint station was automated, but my mentor (i.e., the guy I follow around and do what he says) Lupe told me nobody ever lives at these things full time. Or part time. Or at all, if they can help it.

I guess that makes sense. It’s really lonely out here. Profoundly lonely. There’s no light, except what you’ve brought. No light, no sound, no activity, no life… nothing out here except the sound of your own heartbeat, drowned in the silences of dark matter and the Great Night…

Yikes! I should go work on something. Or go talk to the ship’s doctor. Or maybe both.