Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: WB to axe SUPERGIRL?

Such are the rumors.

According to a recent report from Rolling Stone, the previously announced Supergirl film is also unlikely to move forward at the studio. The film has been in development, and Sasha Calle, who is also set to appear as Supergirl in the upcoming movie The Flash, was set to star. Her appearance in The Flash was meant to introduce the character before her solo film.

Of course, it’s not 100% certain that there’s going to be a FLASH movie after all, either. Although one wonders would happen if Ezra Miller did decide to finally snap like a rubber band and commit suicide-via-FBI. Would Warner Bros deep six the movie, or would they breathe a sigh of relief and release it as soon as possible?

…Look, we’re talking about a movie studio, here. They are, to mangle Time Bandits, mercifully free from the ravages of conventional morality. The survivors who worked on the film gotta get paid, right?

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t know how you fix the DC superhero movie problem at this point, really. Maybe just junk everything, and come back in twenty years.


2 thoughts on “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: WB to axe SUPERGIRL?”

  1. Honestly, they need to scrap the whole mess. Gal godot is great as wonder woman (though Wonder Woman ’84 was … Not as good) and Henry Cavill is fine as Superman, but the place to start is with a good Batgirl (the recently cancelled movie was, by all accounts, not good).
    Batgirl is, as memory serves, the daughter of commissioner Gordon. Have the movie open with Bats dropping an injured (but not hospital bound) detective (or lieutenant) Gordon on his back porch while his 6 year old daughter watches surreptitiously. Maybe have a couple lines of dialog, but otherwise flash forward ten years. Sixteen year old Barbara does gymnastics and gets decent grades (when she bothers to do her homework). When a friend gets hurt at their after school job she takes to vigilantism. Eventually she tracks down the source of the violence, [Batman c-list villain]. Along the way she and her young history teacher (and coach) cross paths as Batgirl and Robin. Yes, Dick Grayson teaches high school after graduating with honors from Gotham State University. After defeating the villain Robin agrees not to reveal her secret if she won’t reveal his. The movie closes with Robin coming back to the Batcave to find Batman watching footage of the battle and inquisitively asking,”so, you got beat up by that girl?”
    Does it trample on comic canon? Probably. But it would be a good movie that sold like gangbusters. Do I think Hollywood could make it right now? Not at all.

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