Aaron Woolf’s (D CAND, New York-21) cruel exploitation of his own partisans.

Let’s see how the sausage is made, shall we?

…The answer is: very, very wickedly. But I get ahead of myself.

Background: New York’s 21st district. After the dust, thunder, and occasional bare-knuckle brawl in an alley that was the 2010 NY redistricting died down, NY-23’s Rep. Bill Owens jumped into this new seat… and won in a bare squeaker against Matt Doheny. Rep. Owens subsequently decided to retire after this term, which is a major reason why the open seat is generally considered a tossup (well, that and the fact that it’s R+2). This year it’s Republican Elise Stefanik against Democrat Aaron Woolf, and there’s an interesting wrinkle there.

We start this story off with a most curious letter to the editor last Friday to the Watertown Daily Times, in which a fellow by the name of Michael Flynn (keep track of that name) demands to know Ms. Stefanik’s current dating history. …No, really. (more…)

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