Item Seed” Artifact # 20180105-BRA-23-17(b)

Blame this.

Artifact # 20180105-BRA-23-17(b) – Google Docs

Artifact # 20180105-BRA-23-17(b)


Description: a coat/overtunic, sized for an adult male between 5’3” and 5’6”.  The coat is made from natural plant fibers found in the Amazon river basin, and is fastened with a single sharpened wooden stick, thrust into on the left side.  The coat is covered with blue, orange, and green feathers, facing downward and woven into the plant fibers.  There is considerable water damage; the coat was taken off of the drowned corpse of a man found floating in a tributary of the Amazon. No identification or other artifacts were found on the corpse, but based on teeth, facial and body features, and general health at time of death he was likely a member of one of Brazil’s uncontacted tribes.


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