How many politicians will abruptly resign because of the Ashley Madison hack?

For those of you who don’t know: Ashley Madison is a for-profit website that was explicitly set up to help people commit adultery.  It got hacked.  Hoo, boy, but it got hacked. The hackers, remarkably, then demanded that Ashley Madison shut itself down – or else the hackers would release the information into the wild. Apparently Ashley Madison did not comply.

Guess what? (more…)


The Security implications of the Ashley Madison adultery site hack.

See here at RedState for background: suffice it to say that somebody hacked an adultery-themed social media network with supposedly over 37 million people on it worldwide. Contra @iowahawk‘s funny, and profane, quip, it’s not Bill Clinton that needs to worry about this.

Hackers of unknown origin have begun leaking large chunks of user data from the website of Ashley Madison — a social-networking site promising “discreet encounters” for married people and which operates under the rubric “Life is short. Have an affair.”



Rooting For Injuries Watch: Hillary Clinton vs. Ashley Madison.

I don’t give a tinker’s dam who wins this one, as long as it’s a messy fight.


…And I could go on in the vein of ‘I am happy to see a Democratic Presidential candidate and a company that explicitly bases its business model on encouraging adultery fight it out,’ but the Supreme Court beckons.  See you on the flip side!

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