If you live in Alabama, you can fly in a B-17 this weekend.

They’ve got an actual B-17, and it’s flying in Birmingham on Saturday and Huntsville on Sunday. $450 for the flight, which is undoubtedly why half of the state hasn’t already lined up for a ride.  Would I spend that much to fly in a B-17? …Probably.  At the very least, I’d agree that that’d be my Christmas and birthday present for the year.  I mean, come on.  It’s a freaking Flying Fortress.  That’s what discretionary income is for.

Via Fark Geek.


The Pink Lady.


Supposedly the last flight-capable B-17 that was actually used in combat in World War II. Some more (old) details of her current status here; all via Jules Crittenden.

Why am I linking? Because she’s a pretty plane. Heck of a thing to say about a war machine and a bomber, but it’s the truth.

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