The icky thing about this Baywatch remaster isn’t what you might think.

I don’t have an opinion on Baywatch itself.  I never watched it.  I also don’t judge people who did.  You like what you like, and if this was entertainment for people, well, I get a little annoyed when people judge me, you know what I mean? So a remaster and possible streaming isn’t a big deal for me.

But this is a little bit different: “They have also replaced 300 of the songs featured in the show with modern songs, with the help of composer Corey Larios.” …Yuck.  If there’s a better method of making absolutely certain that modern audiences are squirming on their seats, trying to figure out what the mismatch from what they’re seeing and what they’re hearing, I don’t know what that better method would be. (more…)

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The Pros and Cons of the new Baywatch movie.

Cons: They decided to make a Baywatch movie.  Somebody decided that this is what the world needs, or possibly just deserves.

Pros: They’ve apparently decided to make it R-rated.  Which pretty much guarantees people getting naked.  Unless they, I don’t know, decide to have a Chainsaw Beach Killer or do a Sharknado homage or just repeat dirty words until the review board signs off on the R rating… but, yeah, this is going to be the dream flick of all those millions who happened to hit puberty at the same time that Baywatch was on the air, or in syndication.

Moe Lane

PS: Look, I’d rather be obsessively watching the new Spider-Man trailer that was supposed to drop today, too.  FUNNY THING ABOUT THAT.

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