Creature seed: Bellerophon Para-monkeys.

Bellerophon Para-monkeys – Google Docs

Bellerophon Para-monkeys


These primate-like, mammal-equivalents inhabit Bellerophon, the second planet orbiting 51 Pegasi.  They mildly resemble humans, in much the same way that a dolphin resembles a fish; major differences include pupiless green eyes, short brown to red hair covering most of their bodies, and a vestigial tail.  Also, Bellerophon Para-monkeys are about as intelligent as a cow.  On their home planet they are scavengers and molluscivores (snails on 51 Pegasi can grow to impressive sizes, at least for snails).  Most Terran colonists of 51 Pegasi consider them to be mildly annoying critters, but the monkeys tend to be innocuous enough not to be pests.


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