The ‘Outlaw King’ trailer.

I’m surprised I missed this.

Chris Pine! Is! Robert the Bruce!  Believe it or not, that stuff in the Outlaw King trailer may not be entirely inaccurate; Scottish history can be, ah, dramatic at times.  Although it seems to be stopping before the battle of Bannockburn, for some reason.  Guess I’ll find out why when it hits Netflix in November.


Thor, Steve Trevor walk out of Star Trek (rev. 2) 4 . For now.

Lemme translate that a little: Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine are both currently abandoning talks with Paramount over the fourth installment of the Star Trek reboot. Hemsworth is, of course, currently Thor in the MCU; and Pine plays Wonder Woman’s love interest somehow-in-the-sequel Steve Trevor in the DCEU.  Paramount would prefer not to pay out accordingly, particularly since Star Trek Reboot 3 didn’t do so hot.  To be honest? I didn’t see it, so I don’t know whether or not it was any good. Although the fact that I didn’t see it is maybe diagnostic, right there. (more…)


Gal Gadot sings about her breasts, Chris Pine comes clean on armpit hair controversy.

I thought that I was going to roll my eyes on this one, but Gal Gadot and Chris Pine beat me to it. It would seem that Ms. Gadot is happy to write songs about her breast size (she’s pretty pleased about it*) and Mr. Pine started the entire armpit hair controversy as fodder for his application to a PhD. program.  All in all, this entire clip is pretty funny: it’s what you get when two actors are basking in the glow of knowing that their movie just brought in half a billion in two weeks. I approve.


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