Last days of the DIFFERENT TROUBLE Kickstarter!

Greg Stolze’s DIFFERENT TROUBLE is a science fiction TTRPG supplement to TERMINATION SHOCK, which is itself a science fiction TTRPG (obviously) that aims to get playable realistic aliens and AIs, among other things. It’s a fun setting and I hear the game itself is fun to play; I’ve backed it. Greg’s just having the Kickstarter go down to the wire, that’s all.


DIFFERENT TROUBLE is a supplement to Greg Stolze’s TERMINATION SHOCK science fiction RPG: the Kickstarter’s half-over, half-funded. Check it out; the core game looks fun, although I haven’t played it yet. And, before anybody asks, it’s ethically sourced. Print on demand, so no worries about your gaming money going to fund cultural genocide and slave labor!

Moe Lane

PS: I’d comment on that hair, except I’m fairly shaggy myself. Haircuts are a bit of an interesting proposition at the moment.