Item Seed: Exotic Low-Velocity Explosive Sabot rounds.

Exotic Low-Velocity Explosive Sabot rounds – Google Docs

Exotic Low-Velocity Explosive Sabot rounds


For those times when you absolutely do not want to risk killing or even seriously hurting a hostage in a firefight.  They’re non-lethal ammunition, taken to a whole new extreme: when fired, an ELVES round inflates in mid-flight (Explosive Sabot), formd an oxygen-generating film that protects against kinetic and energy attacks (Exotic), then wraps itself around its target without hurting it (Low-Velocity).  This film will reliably act as protection against anything up to and including a fragmentation grenade going off under it; it will last up to twenty minutes before degrading, which is usually far longer than it takes for a firefight to resolve itself. The film even acts as a mild analgesic and antidepressant, upon contact with human skin.


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