Bruce Braley is, ah, ‘re-configuring’ his campaign staff.

Like one does: “Iowa Democratic Senate hopeful Bruce Braley has shaken up his campaign, parting ways with admaker Larry Grisolano and pollster Diane Feldman after Republican Joni Ernst emerged from the primary with more momentum than anticipated, three sources confirmed to POLITICO.”

…Well, for given values of ‘one.’ Like, say, when ‘one’ means ‘a candidate who is suddenly discovering that the incumbency advantage of the now-retiring officeholder is not particularly transferable.’ What’s interesting here is that the two staffers involved were both long-time Obama hirelings; what’s even more interesting is that the campaign fired them last month and hid the news for as long as possible. ┬áSays quite a few things about the Braley campaign, none of which are good but all of which are amusing. Continue reading Bruce Braley is, ah, ‘re-configuring’ his campaign staff.

I’m getting Letterman rape joke hate mail again.

Guess that means that they’re still worried about it.

Anyway, intentionally or not, Cynthia Yockley reminds me of this great piece of folk wisdom:

Don’t get mad.
Get even.

Probably intentionally: her post on bullying is likewise spot-on.

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