How pathetic is the Christian Nation alt-history?

This pathe… what’s that?  Oh, Christian Nation is this new, steadily-bombing alternate history that’s been out that takes as its change point John McCain winning the election (yeah, I know), then conveniently dying in Russia two months into his administration (yeah, I know) and leaving Sarah Palin to somehow idiot-savant evil-genius her way into creating an American theocracy (YEAH, I KNOW) over the next twenty years.  Because writing and publishing this tripe is apparently cheaper than undergoing therapy for irrational fear of Protestant Christians.  Then again, starting next year such therapy is probably going to be covered under Obamacare, which means that my rates would be going up in order to pay for it; so maybe writing it out is best for everybody concerned.

As I was saying: How pathetic is the Christian Nation alt-history?

This pathetic:


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Tina Fey not reacting well to her perpetual typecast.

OK, this I can’t resist breaking out in vicious laughter over:

As the late-middle-aged couple at the table next to us get up, the male half approaches, grinning: “Excuse me, aren’t you Governor Sarah Palin?” It’s so lame that [the now-permanently typecast Tina] Fey can barely manage a quarter of a fake smile. “Not for, like, three years now,” she says, looking as if she’d like to dive under the table.

The guy has his gag, though, and he’s going to run with it. “I so enjoy watching you on Fox,” he says.

“Thank you, have a nice day,” she replies. As he walks away, she murmurs, “Until the day I die. Until the day I die.”

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#rsrh Sarah Palin runs!

…in marathon: Sarah Palin runs half-marathon incognito in Iowa. (Via Drudge)

It’s actually a very nice human interest piece, which is why it’s kind of a shame that I have to tack on a polite request that the Sarah Palin whatever-it-is stop playing will-she, won’t-she games with running for President and just declare one way or the other.  Mucking about with the regular media or pundits is fine; but this game has been steadily more annoying among New Media types for the last… two months or so, I’m guessing/estimating.  And none of this has been improved by the impenetrable media shield that Palin’s staff has over any and all interactions with their patron.  And when I say ‘impenetrable’ I’m explicitly including ‘light and oxygen’ in that metaphor.  I like Sarah Palin just fine, but if she’s actually planning to get the Republican nomination then this is no way to run a campaign. Continue reading #rsrh Sarah Palin runs!

#rsrh Reading Paul Krugman so that you…

…don’t have to.

Anyway, in the process of watching Paul Krugman skirt as close of the edge of racism – i.e., recognizing objective reality about our current President – as he dares, the fellow exudes this sentence:

The 2008 race was looking close until Sarah Palin and Lehman came along.

Dude.  That’s not even wrong.  I mean, I was there for 2008: the race only started looking close when Sarah Palin came along.  It took the American economy melting down – and John McCain’s in-retrospect stupid response to it* – to put it away for President Obama, sure… but Sarah Palin was the only thing that gave that campaign any internal energy at all.  This should have been well known, even to those associated with the New York Times: I can only conclude that Krugman has somewhat, ah, peculiar requirements for maintaining a particular narrative.

I mean, seriously.  Jeebus, Krugman, order a wig and fake glasses for your wife like every other liberal male of your social class and proclivities, already.  This was hardly dignified of you.

Moe Lane

*IIRC, at the time I thought that his was brilliant.  Well, that’s how you learn.

#rsrh QotD, Hawaiian Good-Luck Symbol edition.

Jim Geraghty, towards some self-identified rubes (in this case, wealthy moderate Republicans turned off by THAT WOMAN) who just got the recent disappointing news that Chris Christie is not running for President:

Dear wealthy moderate Republicans: I mean no disrespect, as you’ve made more money than I’ll probably ever earn and you’re quite accomplished in your fields. And like you, I find Chris Christie to be a bold and inspiring leader, who makes a very intriguing option at the national level someday.

But not all of us are shocked and stunned about Obama’s class warfare and his demonization of you and the sense that he doesn’t think of himself as your president too. Some of us spent two years telling anyone who would listen that he was a lot more liberal than his bland, blank-slate rhetoric suggested. And was all of this worth it because you “couldn’t live” with Sarah Palin? Really? The prospect of having her living at the Naval Observatory was so epically offensive to your sensibilities that you really thought this, and all of the economic joy we’ve endured for the past 30 months, was the better option?

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#rsrh Bias Watch: “Bias Watch: The Palin Emails.”

…I was going to try for the same pseudo-legal blather that Eric Wimple was using to try to pooh-pooh the idea that the Washington Post really needed to get its readership to paw through Sarah Palin’s emails, but fortunately I realized that all I actually wanted to say was “Eric Wimple is being a schmuck here.”


Eric Wimple is being a schmuck here.

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#rsrh Thatcher/Palin snub story actually fake.

(Via Legal Insurrection) So sayeth Nile Gardner, who did one of those things that’s apparently beyond the reach of everybody who gleefully reported that Margaret Thatcher had snubbed Sarah Palin when the latter requested a visit.  To wit, he checked with her office.

I have spoken to Lady Thatcher’s Private Office regarding the story, and they confirm that the attack on Sarah Palin definitely did not come from her office, and in no way reflects her views. As a former aide to Margaret Thatcher myself, I can attest that this kind of thinking is entirely alien to her, and that such remarks would never be made by her office. She has always warmly welcomed like-minded figures in the United States, and has in the past met with numerous US presidential candidates and political dignitaries when they have visited London. But at the age of 85 she is now able to receive very few visitors at all.

Bolding mine.  and may I say in passing that the Left’s reflexive hatred of Sarah Palin is easily one the most pathetic sexual fetishes that I have seen in over twenty years of being a member of the counterculture*?  Honestly, most of these people would be happier perusing clown porn.  They’d certainly be more psychologically healthy.

Moe Lane

PS: I never believed the rumor in the first place.  Maggie always had class.

*SCA/Science fiction fandom/gamer edition.  Trust me, you meet a nice, comprehensive cross-section of the alt-sex community that way.

#rsrh Just *how* bad was the media frenzy…

…over the Sarah Palin emails? Put it this way: Jon Stewart went the entire segment without slamming THAT WOMAN once.

Not ONCE. Heck, he didn’t even try.

Via Ann Althouse – who reminds us that the ‘letter from God’ had already been published in Going Rogue: An American Life. Brilliant job there, media folks: your most significant news item from this sorry exercise had already made the bestseller list. In 2009.

Why New Media exists.

A picture is, as they say, worth a thousand words… or, in this case, several pounds’ worth of emails.

That picture is of the media, as Justin Hart put it,” jammed and running to the elevator to get the #PalinEmails.”  For those wondering, the “#PalinEmails” are… the collected email record of Sarah Palin when she was Governor of Alaska, and the media has gone into full Geraldo-Rivera-Capone-bank-vault mode over perusing them.  Not to mention stark, raving mad.  And that’s why New Media exists: not because Old Media has decided to devote finite resources to this story, but because they’re apparently ready to devote enough resources to make the whole thing into a sweaty, high-density spectacle.  Which would be fine, except that people were kind of counting on them to report, well, the news.

Seriously.  LookAt this moment Sarah Palin is a television pundit on a road trip.  So could the media please stop obsessing over her like this?  They’re starting to set off my stalker-detection alarms.

Moe Lane (crosspost)