Words cannot describe how down for this I would be.

All Family business would be settled on that day.



Moe Lane

PS: Hell yes I’d pick Palin over McCain. John McCain needs to retire. More to the point, he destroyed what was promising to be a excellent political career (imagine how 2012 would have played out if Sarah Palin was a two-term governor from a libertarian-friendly state*).

*Many of the same people that will happily tell you that she’d have been awful are the same kinds of people who told this poor schmuck to just wait for the Obamacare exchanges to open up.

9 thoughts on “Words cannot describe how down for this I would be.”

  1. Nice to know we’re of kindred minds on this. Some of us were aware of Palin’s existence prior to 2008 and thought fondly of her then.

  2. While it’s an amusing fantasy, I think Arizona is not nearly conservative enough for this to ever actually happen. (Too close to California, and hence the home to many of its lesson-not-learned refugees, I suspect.)

  3. (imagine how 2012 would have played out if Sarah Palin was a two-term governor from a libertarian-friendly state*)
    And that’s why the left HAD to destroy her after 2008 with the suits that drove her out of office. That’s not McCain’s fault; she wouldn’t have been a credible candidate in 2012 without the visibility he gave her. That visibility was what prompted the left to political assassination.

    1. They were actively at it within days of her nomination, they pulled out all the stops in a way I hadn’t seen since Bork and Thomas.
      They were also quickly joined by many supposed Republicans. The whole “not quite our class, dear” tic was in full display. As it was on the flipside of the coin, when Obama kept getting praised for his temperament, against all available evidence.

      The polls of those who had a negative or very negative view of her cited her voice or accent as the reason by a much larger margin than every other reason put together. This despite all the false allegations launched at her. (So I guess our efforts at debunking did some good, at least.)
      Very depressing.

  4. I like the idea, but the term ‘Carpetbagger’ would be thrown around and would hurt Palin further. I’m sorry to admit it, but I’d vote against her if I lived in Arizona. Governors and US Senators need to have a higher standard of residency in my eyes. I might be a little more forgiving of lower offices, but not those two offices.
    This is, of course, just my opinion. I would not speak ill of Arizona if they would choose Palin over McCain.

    1. Considering that McCain himself could have been described as a carpetbagger on his initial Senate run, using that could be turned against him.

  5. I hope she does it; McCain’s devolved into a vain old fool who really needs to enjoy an honorable retirement. And I’m glad you mentioned the damage he did to her career, bringing her out of Alaska too early. It’s become one of the great “what ifs” that gnaws at me to this day. Well, perhaps that’s a bit Ahab-ish, but it does bug me…

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