White House gives up, will reopen White House to tours.

I have to go with Erika Johnson, here: this is a bit of a cave from the Obama administration. Or at least a tacit admission that its Let’s be Blue Meanies to the American People! strategy just didn’t work.

White House tours will resume on “a limited basis” starting Nov. 5, the White House announced Friday, while it will reopen its gardens and grounds to visitors on Oct. 26 and 27.

Secret Service spokesman Robert Novy said the tours would continue through Jan. 15 and occur three days a week, on average, though the exact number of days would vary. Before the White House halted the tours in March, they had taken place five days a week.

Also: do you think this particularly sounds like a House ready to defer to the President? Because I don’t think that that this particularly sounds like a House leadership ready to defer to the President.

Brendan Buck, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), welcomed the move even as he mocked the White House for suspending the tours as long as it did.

“We’re happy Americans can once again visit their White House, but even more pleased that the White House has finally caught up to Congress and figured out how to do more with less,” Buck said.  “It’s just a shame it took this long.”

Yeah.  Barack Obama really put the fear of him into the Republican party, there.

Moe Lane